Gas piping for Homes, Hotels, Industries, Malls, Hospitals, Laboratories, Educational institutes and R&D centres in M.S. and S.S. since 1986

Annual Maintenance Contracts

AMCs for VOT & LOT multicylinder gas banks, bulk installations, pipeline leakage testing, monthly servicing of kitchen equipment and cooking ranges in canteens, hotels and restaurants.

Gas Trains

Assembly, supply and testing of LPG, PNG & CNG pressure reducing stations at First stage, Second stage and Third stage. Design and selection of equipment required in the Gas Train for specific applications at specific points.

Systems for Industrial Gases

Supply, Erection, Certification of Pipelines, Manifolds, Vapourisers, Valves and Regulators for all Industrial Gases like O2, H2, N2, Co2, Ar, He, NH3, etc

Gas Flow Meters

All types of totalising Gas Flow Meters available for Industrial, Commercial and Residential applications with capacities ranging from 2.5m3/hr to 650m3/hr

Industrial LPG Installations

Our industrial LPG installations includes supply of Pressure Regulators, Safety Valves, Flame Arrestors, Shut-off Valves and speciality Burners for various applications like die heating, powder coating, heat treatment, preheating, brazing, torching, baking, etc.

Commercial LPG Installations

Supply, Maintenance and Installations in Hotels, Canteens, Restaurants and Laboratories. Burners and Equipment available for all types of heating and cooking.

Multi-Cylinder LPG Installations (VOT & LOT)

Setup, Installation, Supply, Testing, Certification and Supply of VOT & LOT Manifold systems for LPG. Supply of equipment like vaporisers, valves, gauges, meters, gas trains and erection of pipelines till the usage points.

Bulk Installations for LPG

Erection, Maintenance, Testing, Certification and Consultancy for Bulk Installations. Supply of all equipment like unloading hoses, safety valves, vaporisers, compressors, etc. related to LPG bullets.