Laundry needs go right from homes to hotels to hospitals and so on. With the costs of fuels like oil, diesel and gasoline on the rise, gas acts as the best solution for satisfying laundry needs sustainability.

Hotels and launderettes require high-capacity on-premises laundry services. Hence, a constant, reliable source of energy is required for operations such as washing, drying, ironing. Gas fuelled washers and dryers are the most efficient and reliable option. They deliver high performance and are value for money as they consume less energy compared to other sources of energy.

Be it the hospitality industry or textile, gas is the most economical, reliable and efficient fuel for laundry services.


  • Constant Energy: Gas is a cost effective and efficient source of energy which can be used to power any washing or drying equipment.
  • Cost effective: There are a wide variety of water heaters available that are powered by Gas. They cost less to operate than the commonly used electric water heaters.
  • Clean Energy: Gas powered dryers, take 50% less time to dry clothes, thus reducing greenhouse emissions.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The softness and overall quality of the cloth when processed by gas is far superior.