Laundry Services

Homes, businesses, fire stations, prisons, hotels, hospitals, power stations have wide variety of laundry needs. The manufacturing sector finds the economics of operating their own work wear laundries attractive whether as an alternative or a supplement to their outside suppliers. However, stakeholders are looking for cheap, efficient, reliable and sustainable ways of servicing their laundry needs. With high energy cost and fluctuation in gasoline, Gas can serve as the solution to these challenges.

Gas applications are used to provide wide range of services in the laundry industry. It has wide appeal in the domestic and industrial sectors for power generation. Since laundry owners require constant, reliable source of energy for variety of applications such as central and water heating, washing machines, dryers as well as industrial irons, Gas generators can provide constant electricity. Gas provides an opportunity to offer delightful services that guarantees clients patronage whilst fuelling the energy-efficient appliances that keep utility bills low and clients satisfied.

in several homes around the world, Gas washers and dryers are used for washing and drying of family apparels. For businesses, starting a laundry business requires laundry equipment and machines for day to day operations. For high-capacity on-premises laundries whose operation demands the best of the best, there is no other choice than Gas fuelled industrial washing machines. Gas dryers can also process clothes out of the washer after spinning completing the wash-dry process. Gas washer and dryers are engineered for the laundry owners' demanding efficiency, reliability, performance and value. Gas washers and dryers consumes less energy compare to using electricity dryers making more laundering owners to settle for it.

Apart from commercial and domestic use, other industries have also identified Gas as a fuel of choice in their laundering activities. In the hospitality industry where laundering requires quality, control and cost, Gas applications can be used to power laundering machines. With huge inventory and pressure to deliver on time several stakeholders across the world rely on Gas for various section of laundering to enhance their effectiveness.

In schools and colleges, Gas can be used for launderettes services such as washing, drying and ironing and on-premises laundries of all sizes in residential schools and colleges.

Whether it is an hotel, long term facilities or any other on- the premise, Gas applications provide cheap, reliable and efficient services to laundry owners and clients.


  1. Laundry equipment have three basic requirements: A source of electricity, hot water as well as hot air for drying.
  2. Gas can provide solutions in all three of these three areas as there exist dedicated Gas appliances to provide specialist support.


  • Electricity: Gas Generators can provide a cost effective and efficient source of electricity to power any washing or drying equipment required for laundry services.
  • Hot Water: There are a wide variety of water heaters available that are powered by Gas. Some units provide large storage capacities whilst others provide instantaneous hot water without tank requirement. They also cost
    less to operate than electric water heaters and eat more than twice as much hot water per hour as comparable electric models.
  • Gas Gas Tumble Dryers dry clothes in around 50% less time, producing around half the greenhouse emissions of electric dryers whilst costing almost 50% less to run. The quality of the dryness and softness of the dried clothes processed by Gas dryers is also far superior.