Piped Natural Gas
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Piped Natural Gas or PNG as commonly known has over a short duration has gained great momentum in terms of applications across areas and industries. As a company which promotes the use of Natural Gas for creating a better tomorrow, Pune Gas has consistently delivered excellent solutions when it comes the following major areas of PNG applications

  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Residential & City Gas Distribution Network

PNG is a versatile fuel which can be used for numerous commercial and industrial applications such as burners, furnaces, kilns, paint-shops, dryers, boilers, kitchens and food courts, power equipment, chillers and vapour absorption equipment, heaters etc.

It is widely used across areas like Hotel & Restaurants, Hospitals,charitable trust like Temples,Gurudwaras ,Churches etc.

According to MoPNG estimates, the demand for Piped Natural Gas in the power and fertilisers’ sector is the highest.With the dynamics changing for the energy and Oil sector, PNG is emerging as one of the most preferred source of fuel.

Commercial & Industrial

  • Used to run Boilers, Ovens, Furnaces, Thermo-fluid heaters, Tumblers and Hot Water Generators for power generation
  • Used for Gas engine power generation.
  • The exhaust thermal energy is used in applications like
  • Steam Boilers
  • Vapour Absorption Chillers for air conditioning
  • Refrigeration and Hot Water Generation
  • Used in Hotels for Cooking and Heat generating applications like providing uninterrupted warm water supply to the guests and clients
  • Storage : No storage required
  • Versatile in Usage : Can be used for varied applications like power generation to refrigeration across industries and commercial points
  • Uninterrupted supply : Continuous supply of gas across infrastructure in areas with PNG pipelines
  • Safe: As it is lighter than air
  • No Spillage and Pilferage : In case of fuels like HSD and LDO, there are considerable chances of spillage and pilferage. In case of PNG these losses are invariably done away with, as PNG is supplied through pipes.
  • No Adulteration Possible
  • High Consumption Efficiency
  • Better inventory management : The manpower and time that was earlier being used for ensuring minimum stock levels of LPG, HSD and LDO, can be used elsewhere.
  • No Liasioning : No need for liasioning with Oil companies for ensuring daily supply of fuel is available as PNG is directly supplied through pipes.
  • No pre-heating required : The manpower and time that was earlier being used for ensuring minimum stock levels of LPG, HSD and LDO, can be used elsewhere.
  • Lower Maintenance Cost : With PNG, soot or ash accumulation and greasy spillages are absent from the appliances. Maintenance costs are thus, driven down.
  • No pre-license work required from the company’s end
  • Gas Metering and Gas Regulating Stations for controlling and monitoring of Gas consumption
  • Installation of Steel Pipelines within the industrial premises
  • Distribution of pipeline and its installation
  • Branching out of supply to the consumption point
  • Providing Individual gas controlling and measurement meters for each separate consumption point
  • Installation of Gas Leak detection systems
  • Providing support in fuel conversion from other alternative fuels to natural gas

Domestic and City Gas Distribution Network

PNG is a convenient fuel which is delivered through a network of underground gas pipeline directly up to the consumption point. The City Gas Distribution segment is one of the fastest growing end-user segment of natural gas and is steadily contributing the country’s economic development.Piped Natural Gas is apt for domestic use since it involves hassle free maintenance.It can be easily installed in residential areas, housing societies, bungalows etc.
  • 24*7 gas supply
  • No refill required
  • No storage hassles
  • Consume as you use
  • Safer than other alternative fuels
  • Economical and Efficient at the same time
  • Environmental Friendly – Does not leave any waste product or harmful gas emissions
  • Laying of internal piping metering system to the consumption point
  • Procurement/Modification of the location where gas is consumed
  • Installing the metering systems and equipments
  • Maintenance of the installed systems

Pune Gas was referred to us by someone and we are absolutely delighted by their quick response to every detail and timely delivery of the project. We surely recommend their solutions and services to anyone looking for industrial or commercial gas solutions

Mr Shingade

Project Manager, Natural Gas Plant

The areas where Pune Gas wins Brownie Points are Workmanship, reliability and after service. In short, they are one solution for all Industrial Gas Users

Mr Neeraj Bamboriya

Senior Manager, A Reputed Indian Automobile Company