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Features and Benefits

  • Implementation of end to end bulk LPG storage tanks (Aboveground, Underground and Mounded) as per SMPV rules and CCOE/PESO approval
  • Handling of Annual Preventive Maintenance Contracts for LPG storage tanks as per safety standards
  • Statutory Testing (Hydro-testing, Valve testing, Hose testing) as per CCOE/PESO rules
  • Periodic Certification of the bulk LPG Installations from Chief Controller of Explosives (PESO)
  • De-Gassing of LPG storage tanks and De-Licensing of LPG Installations from Chief Controller of Explosives (PESO)
  • Supply of all equipment used for Bulk LPG Installations
  • Tank Level Monitoring System:
    • Works on Wireless Technology- The Wireless indicator receives a signal which is then transmitted to a software system like PLC/SCADA, assisting in monitoring the Level of LPG in the tank,remotely on real time basis.
      • With the robust Tank level monitoring system a direct email is generated in case the level of LPG reduces beyond the specified limit
  • Bulk Tank Fittings:
    • Installation of Critical bulk tank fittings such as LPG pumps, lpg compressors for unloading of LPG and Loading to the stationery bulk tank.
    • Mounting of safety valves on the tanks


  • Ideal for industrial applications where requirement is greater than 3 metric tonnes.
  • High Scalability
  • Industries with multiple and high usage of LPG install Bulk LPG storage system
Some common features for all the three multi-cylinder installations

LPG Vaporiser:

  • It simply converts LPG from vapour form to liquid form
  • Helps in providing constant flow rate at a consistent pressure
  • Issue like pressure drop and flow irregularities are taken care of by LPG Vaporiser
  • LPG Vaporiser is an integral part of all the multi-cylinder installations

a. 450 Kgs Cylinder:

Features and Benefits:

  • Multifunctional valves which confirms to NFPA 58 requirements
  • Magnetic Level gauge to indicate GAS level of Liquid LPG
  • Relatively less Footprint area as compared to other LPG installations
  • Flow Rate for Liquid LPG is 20-30 kgs/hr
  • Flow rate for vapour LPG is 5-7 kgs/hr
  • Caters to the needs of large scale industrial applications
  • Cost Effective
  • Requires 60% lesser space requirement
  • Safe for high consumption use as a robust leakage prevention system is in place
  • Less Residual left during usage


  • Ideal for industries with large energy requirements
  • Easy to operate
  • Low maintenance as compared to other fuels

b. LOT:

Features and Benefits:

  • Implementation of entire process from designing, installation to maintenance of LOT installation
  • Rate of Liquid LPG discharge within the cylinder is 4 -5 Kgs/Hr
  • Reduces cylinder handling in the gas bank area
  • Apt for industries like Hotels where consumption rate of LPG is high
  • Zero loss of LPG, therefore cost Effective
  • Easy functionality
  • Constant Mass flow rate
  • Less Residual Wastage
  • Increases Burner’s efficiency

Applications of LOT installation:

  • Ideal for Commercial purposes
  • Apt for hotels and small & medium scale industries

C. VOT Installations:

Features and Benefits:

  • The discharge for usage is around 0.4 to 0.7 kgs/hr
  • Flame proof housing sensors with digital display
  • All sensors are connected in series
  • Each sensor digital display unit showing % of leakage
  • Power and trigger indication available
  • 3 levels of sensing threshold
  • Manual Switch to Bypass the closure
  • For utmost importance with respect to safety of life and resources
  • Provides Automatic and Continuous monitoring system with audio visual signal
  • Early Leakage Warning
  • Gas supply is cut off once the gas leakage reaches limit immediate alarm is generated and the Gas supply is cut off’’
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