Two major market developments take place in the year which goes on to play a very important role in the years to come for the growth of the company.

The first being the advent of Natural Gas in Pune to fuel industrial and commercial consumers. This is a part of the natural gas pipeline grid being constructed throughout the country to make India into a gas-based economy by the Government of India.

Pune Gas has a major role to play in facilitating Natural Gas supplies to industrial consumers and helping them to convert to gas from their existing fuels. Since completing the very 1st installation for Natural Gas for an automotive component industry, the company has been a market leader and maintained a 60% market share for this segment up to the year 2020.

The second one is the introduction of LOT cylinders (Liquid-Off-Take) holding 47.5 kg of LPG, specially designed for medium and large industrial consumers of LPG who do not have enough space in their factories to install bulk LPG tanks or LPG bullets which require a lot of ground area and statutory permissions.

The company goes on to become one of the most well-known and respected players in the country for installation of LPG Gas Banks for LOT cylinders in the years to come. This business segment also necessitates the company to expand into other parts of the country through various channels.