Challenges of Conventional LPG Cylinders

In today’s fast-paced culinary world, efficiency is key. As we look to revolutionize LPG management, let’s begin by acknowledging the common struggles faced by users of conventional LPG cylinders. These challenges have long burdened commercial kitchens, hindering productivity, and impacting the bottom line.


Conventional LPG cylinders consume valuable kitchen space, especially in compact commercial kitchens, hindering workflow and organization.


Moving and replacing heavy LPG cylinders can be physically demanding and time-consuming, impacting kitchen efficiency


Traditional cylinders often leave significant LPG residue, resulting in financial losses and environmental waste.


Inadequate safety features in conventional systems may pose risks in the event of gas leaks or pressure fluctuations.


Frequent cylinder changes disrupt kitchen operations, leading to unnecessary downtime and potential customer dissatisfaction.


The environmental footprint of conventional LPG systems remains a concern, with excess waste and inefficient resource utilization.

Are you ready for a revolution in LPG management?
LPGenius is the answer to all your commercial LPG needs.

Smart LPG System

LPGenius is available in 3 options to suit different requirements.

Safety Relief Valve for Liquid LPG
All-in-one LPG Pressure Regulator with built-in filter, High-Pressure cut-off & Over-Pressure release
World’s smallest LPG Vaporizer of 15 kg/hr capacity
High & Low Pressure Gauges for LPG Pressure Indication.
Floor Standing Enclosure with IP 54 rating and high temperature grade surface coating.
AV alarm for LPG leakage using leak detection sensor
AV alarm for LPG cylinder level indicating when cylinders get empty
LOT Cylinder Handling Trolley


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