Regular maintenance of the installation is important for smooth functioning and lifespan life cycle of the equipment. The regularity of maintenance is subject to its surrounding environment, gas usage and rate of deterioration of the equipment.

We at Pune Gas understand the importance of maintenance and the risk associated with the failure of equipment, unsafe work environment and drop in revenue. Hence, we provide our consumers with an “Annual Maintenance Contract”. It is an agreement for periodic maintenance and servicing of gas systems; thus, ensuring long term safety, profitability and uninterrupted operations.

Annual Maintenance Contract provide you with the following advantages:

  • Emergency Breakdown Assistance: Since machines in some applications run continuously, breakdowns are inevitable. We have a team well prepared for such situations. The equipment will be fixed or replaced and you’re the system will up and about in no time.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Prevention of failure is always better than fixing the failure. Our maintenance visits encompasses of detailed detection, inspection and rectification of budding faults. A detailed sheet records all observations for future references.
  • Add – ons: Entering into an Annual Maintenance Contract with Pune Gas provides an advantage of not paying the labor charges and transportation of spare parts.
  • Safety: Organization globally have their focus on “Safety First”. A failure or an unplanned downtime of a critical piece of equipment leads to leaks and can have an impact on the operator. Thus inspections are needed to be done regularly to create a safe and healthy environment for the operators.

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