What are LOT installations?

LOT installations are those which use a vaporizer to convert the liquid LPG to gas.


  • Use one bank at a time.
  • Cylinders to be handled vertically.
  • All hoses connected should be purged to clear airlock.
  • Ensure rubber O-ring in the adapter, cylinder valve is OK.
  • Light fixtures provided in these areas shall be FPL type only.
  • Connect the adapters with cylinder valve in a secured manner.
  • Clean the filters and strainers of the installation once in six months.
  • All Flameproof electrical connections must have appropriate termination.
  • Keep two 10Kg DCP fire extinguishers at a convenient height for easy access.
  • For uniform withdrawal of gas keep open all the valves of cylinder of the active gas bank.
  • Cylinders should be positioned such a way that there is no tension on the hose and joints.
  • Depressurize and flush the lines with water/Nitrogen before carrying out any hot work/welding.
  • The LPG bank area should be kept appropriately clean and free from vegetation and flammable material.
  • The Gas Bank area should be kept appropriately dry and well ventilated under proper cover to avoid direct sunlight, the same should be kept away from open flame, steam pipes and potential sources of heat or electrical wiring/ joints.


  • Do not enter the premises with synthetic clothing.
  • Do not allow accumulation of water on the floor of LPG gas bank.
  • Do not move cylinders while the valves are connected to the manifold.
  • Do not store any flammable material like wood and plastic in this area.
  • Do not keep LPG filled cylinders on the platform in isolation, unconnected to the manifold.
  • No explosive items, match boxes and items causing spark should be brought inside the LPG area. No mobile phones.
  • Do not carry out any welding or gas cutting activity inside the LPG gas bank installation area if cylinders are stored. Remove cylinders before welding.