We believe we at Pune Gas have a responsibility towards growing environmental concerns. Thus the safe and sustainable answer to India’s growing energy needs can be found in Liquified Petroleum Gas.
Efficiency : Armed with the highest net calorific value, LPG virtually produces no harmful emissions, it rather contributes towards reducing carbon footprint and maintenance costs
Versatility of LPG: LPG is highly versatile, unlike other fuels and comes as an ideal solution for multiple industries.
LPG = Many Benefits : Better productivity, lower maintenance, no residue or wasteage, lower carbon footprint and increased savings

This fuel has many such offerings in ties application.
While it helps your business achieve better productivity at a lower cost. We at Pune Gas assure to offer path breaking LPG solutions across industries. If you would like to know more about us and what we do Click on the Contact us page now.

2. Unmasking the Myths of LPG

The usage of LPG as a fuel has been clouded with certain misconceptions and this robs industries off some great opportunities to make a fruitful transition to something cleaner and more powerful

Myth : LPG can only be used for heating
Fact : LPG is extremely versatile and its uses include the likes of powering breweries, distilleries, cooking, surface coating, fueling vehicles or even producing hot water.

Myth : LPG isn’t sustainable
Fact : LPG offers a significant reduction in NOx emissions compared to other conventional fuels , LPG promotes provision of cleaner sir. This is especially important knowing that the climate crisis that is on going

Myth : LPG Systems are difficult to instal
Fact : Installation is as swift and stress-free as possible

While corporations across the globe are moving towards safe and sustainable manufacturing operations with alternate fuels. There are still some misconceptions around the usage of LPG as fuel. As a part of our Industry education initiative, above are few of the many fact & Myths revolving the commercial usage of LPG for Industrial Operations
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3. LPG is India’s most consumed Petroleum after petrol & diesel

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) stands as India’s third most consumed petroleum product, following petrol and diesel. This widespread popularity can be attributed to its versatile applications and several key factors:

Household Dominance: LPG is the preferred choice for cooking in Indian households, replacing traditional fuels.

Environmental Appeal: Its cleaner combustion aligns with environmental concerns, reducing emissions and contributing to a greener energy landscape.

Government Initiatives: Schemes like the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana drive LPG accessibility, fostering its adoption.

Density: LPG is denser than natural gas, leading to higher energy content.

Ease of Distribution: LPG’s efficient storage and transportation in cylinders ensure widespread availability, catering to both urban and rural markets.

Energy Security: As a byproduct of petroleum refining, LPG enhances India’s energy security by diversifying its fuel sources.

4. Friendship between Natural Gas & LPG

Natural Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) share similarities but differ in key aspects

Composition: Natural gas is mainly methane, while LPG comprises propane and butane.

State: Natural gas is in a gaseous state at room temperature, while LPG is storedin a liquid state.

Storage: LPG is commonly stored in cylinders, offering portability, while natural gas is transported through pipelines.

Applications: Natural gas is often used for heating and electricity, while LPG is prevalent in cooking, heating, and transportation.

Source: Natural gas is typically extracted from underground reservoirs, while LPG is a byproduct of petroleum refining and natural gas processing.
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5. Why Industries and commercial users of fuel should make the switch to LPG

Industries and commercial users are increasingly shifting from conventional fuels to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) due to compelling advantages

Cleaner Emissions: LPG combustion produces fewer pollutants, aligning with environmental regulations and sustainability goals.

Cost-Efficiency: LPG is often more cost-effective than conventional fuels, offering economic benefits to businesses.

Versatility: LPG is versatile and can power a wide range of industrial applications, from heating to manufacturing processes.

Government Incentives: Many governments across the globe provide incentives for businesses transitioning to cleaner fuels, encouraging the adoption of LPG.

Energy Security: LPG diversifies the energy mix, reducing dependency on a single fuel source and enhancing overall energy security.

Ease of Storage: LPG’s liquid form allows for convenient storage and transportation, providing flexibility for industrial operations. Hence Switching to LPG for industrial and commercial use has never been so convinent. Ease of Installation and complete technical support is what we take immense pride in at Pune Gas
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