The LPG filled in our tanks/cylinders is liquid, whereas the equipment we use requires gas. A vaporizer is used to make the liquid into gas.

What is a Vaporizer?

 A vaporizer is an apparatus which acts like a boiler / heat exchanger. Liquid LPG goes in to the vaporizer via pipelines and comes out as gas which is then supplied to the respective machinery. The machinery burns the gas to operate itself.

 Working of LPG Vaporizer

  • Dry Vaporizer: These are the most reliable kind as they require minimal maintenance. They do not require any heat transfer fluid. Once the required vaporizing temperature is reached, the solenoid valves open and LPG enters the vaporizer where it is converted into gas. The modern and reliable design identifies fluctuations in vapor flow and regulates the required heating capacity accordingly.
  • Water Bath Vaporizer: They consist of a special type of coil which is used for transfer of heat, through which LPG flows. This is submerged in the water bath which is heated via electricity. A thermal controlled valve is fitted in the LPG liquid inlet line. It senses water temperature and allows LPG liquid into vaporizer only when water temperature reaches 50°C.

Safety in LPG Vaporizers

 LPG is extremely flammable when exposed to air. Thus, it is essential that there are no leakages as they can be disastrous. The electrical parts used in the vaporizer are safely placed in a flameproof enclosure. In our vaporizers we ensure that we have included high quality safety valves. These valves halt the follow of liquid LPG if the water temperature in the vaporizer falls below a set temperature. If the water temperature raises beyond the set temperature, the water heater connection is immediately cut off.


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