Heating With Oil

  • HDO, LDO and FO* are expensive fuels.
  • Liquid fuels require on – site tank storage.
  • Pre – heating and pumping systems are required for liquid fuels.
  • Due to factors like soot and carbon emission, cost of maintenance is high.
  • The aesthetics of the final product with liquid fuels are not  homogeneous.

*High Speed Diesel (HDO), Light Diesel Oil (LDO) and Furnace Oil (FO)


Why to convert to gas?

  • Fuel Cost Calculation: Using LPG will help save substantial amount of cost.
    fuel cost calculator
  • High calorific value: The calorific value of LPG is higher.
    calorific value of lpg
  • Safe Fuel: LPG is completely convenient and safe to use if handled and maintained properly.
  • Clean Fuel: The oil burner and oil furnace maintenance is much higher due to soot and carbon emissions.
  • Economical Fuel: LPG is an economical fuel. LPG stoves and burners require less maintenance as compared to other cooking forms. With LPG no pre – heating or pumping system is required.
  • Environment Friendly Fuel: LPG creates the least greenhouse gas emission of all the available fossil fuels. It contains very less amount of other particulate matters that are harmful to the environment. Cooking with LPG can help reduce the greenhouse emission by up to 70%.

Case Studies

Bakery: Monginis

Dairy: Verka


For converting from HDO, LDO or FO to LPG or NG click here.