Pune Gas Ltd. undertook a two-day training session for the sales officers of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd’s LPG Division. This seminar was held on 22nd and 23rd February 2018 in Pune, these sales officers belonged to 36 area offices across India.

The key speakers of the 2 days were:
Mr. SK Rath, (Chief Manager- LPG Strategies, IOCL)
Mr. Shankar Sharan, (Executive Director- LPG, IOCL)
Mr. Jaisinh Sampat, (Director, Pune Gas)
Mr. Jesal Sampat, (Director, Pune Gas)

On the first day of the training session, held at Indian Oil LPG Bottling Plant, Pune, our esteemed speakers covered various themes throughout the day, some of these included:

  1. LPG basics & safety precautions,
  2. The key issues gripping the LPG industry,
  3. Our customers & our target markets,
  4. Vapour off-take & Liquid off-take cylinder installations,
  5. Conversion of applications using other polluting fuels like Furnace Oil & Diesel into LPG,
  6. The need for marketing the new 450 kg cylinder launched.

This was followed by a small plant visit so as to familiarize the staff on handling this new cylinder.
The second day of the training was held at Pune Gas works to give the staff of IOCL an on-ground experience of the different range of new technology and products used in LPG industry. This was followed by a factory visit to company currently employing the 450 kg cylinder for their heat treatment application in Pune.