LOT (Liquid Off Take) systems make use of a LOT valve (Figure 1). The valve pulls the liquid LPG from the cylinder and supplies it to the vaporizer.

LOT Valves

(Figure 1)

Changing Procedure

  • Check the connection for any leakages.
  • Close the isolation ball valve of the hose of the cylinder to be replaced.
  • Depressurize the hose and check for any cracks, twists & kinks, etc.
  • Replace the empty cylinder and refit the hose post deflating the airlock in the hose.
  • Cap the empty cylinder and store it in a cool dry place until it goes for refilling.

Safety Notes

  • Regular training needs to be given to the operators.
  • Operators shall wear cotton clothes only. The use of synthetic clothes may generate a static charge.
  • Operators shall use hand gloves to prevent the skin from cold burn in case of any accidental LPG leakage.
  • Cylinders must be tightly secured during transit.
  • Cylinders must not be rolled. Proper cylinder hand trucks should be used to lift the cylinders.