Headquartered in Punjab, Metlonics is a family owned business, operating since 1969. The company manufactures metal fabricated products used in industries like infrastructure, automotive, agriculture, etc. An otherwise profitable company, began to see a drop in their operating margins. Post the analysis, it was clear that their fuel costs was causing a roadblock, as high speed diesel is an expensive fuel.

Costs with Diesel

  • Handling Cost: spillage and storage
  • Usage Cost: heating and pumping systems
  • Maintenance Cost: carbon emissions and soot
  • Manpower Cost: more hands needed while working with diesel

Using diesel was also affecting the efficiency as the work space was often confined and unclean.



Cost Savings & Payback

Fuel Consumption(HSD vs. LPG)

Average Consumption of HSD = 19500 Ltr/Month

Average Consumption of LPG = 17400 Kgs/Month

Cost Comparison(HSD vs. LPG)*

Cost of HSD per month = INR 12.76 Lacs

Cost of LPG per month = INR 7.55 Lacs

Savings and Payback

Total investment = 15 Lacs

Savings per month = INR 5.21 Lacs

Pay back period = 90 days (3 months)


*The average price of HSD & LPG for a 6 month period has been taken into consideration.